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The smooth sound of Josh Grider's deep voice is rhythmic and soothing. His rich robust soul fil

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Josh Grider

The smooth sound of Josh Grider's deep voice is rhythmic and soothing. His rich robust soul filled song writing has a new twist to the traditional story telling. Coming from humble beginnings at Baylor University in Waco. Texas and graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. music has always been a passion that has driven him to play night in and night out. With the love and support of his amazing and loving wife Kristi. Josh has been playing on the road for about 5 years now and has enjoyed great success and hard times as well. It is ever present in the songs that he writes.When asked about life on the road Josh summed it in his song Rock-n-Roll Tonight. "It is a road ballad. As an artist we are so excited to just rock the house every night. From the coffee shop writing sessions to the crappy hotels we tend to find ourselves sleeping the night off in. the song is an expression of what life is like on the road." Writing music is a bit by bit event. "You hear someone say something that inspires to write a song like a quote from the Johnny Depp movie The Libertine 'I am stumbling on the edge of greatness' that sparked the idea for the song. It is the truth for every artist that is out on the road. We are all at the edge of greatness and if we lose sight of that there is no reason for us to get out on the road everyday." With more serious love songs like Crazy Like You. it is a bode to finding the one true love for you. "It is a song that is about finding that one person or soul mate that is Crazy Like You." With the latest album out for sale called the Sweet Road to Ride. It is a diverse mix if beer drinking road tune and serious ballads of life. The first single off the record. Great Divide is as Josh puts it. "A song about people that are at a point in their relationship may it be a marriage. dating. or just friends where you find yourself growing apart and trying to figure out a way to reverse it. I left the song open ended to allow the listener to answer those questions for themselves. Josh is fast at work booking shows for the New Year and working on new material every chance he gets. For more information on Josh. go check out his website at look him up on MySpace. Facebook. and Twitter. Like all the artists on the red dirt music scene you can find his music on or go check out one of his live shows and stop by the merch booth.

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