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It has been ten years since the release of the MRB self-titled debut album. Fans still request songs

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It has been ten years since the release of the MRB self-titled debut album. Fans still request songs from that first album, and its successors, nightly as the guys zigzag countless and nameless roads burning towns down with their brand of Honky-Tonk music. A true "Live" show is what you get when the MRB sets foot on stage. They always leave crowds wanting more and they have been keeping folks singing loudly and dancing in circles for years. Through the years the MRB has released two more albums ("Even Angels Fall" and "Live at Adair's") both on the Smith label. Both albums went double copper and charted singles which still receive regular airplay throughout the southwest region. They have shared the stage with numerous National and Regional headlining acts averaging over 200 shows annually. From roadside dives to large festivals these guys have played it all. After years on the road the band is most proud that they can change a flat tire on the van or trailer, from point of impact, in twelve minutes or less with a standard issue vehicle manufacturers jack. Jack.Based out of Dallas, TX, the MRB is a five piece honky-tonk/ outlaw country "family" of a band that consists of five very charismatic individuals. Mo Robson is the singer and rhythm guitar player of the bunch. He is also the man behind the songs, with four albums worth of originals available. Writing credits aside, Robson is also a very seasoned front man and performer. He knows how to grab a crowd's attention, and keep it, with his raw mix of adrenaline, energy and honesty that comes pouring out. Always down for a damn good time Robson is surrounded by a band like no other. After spending time with the MRB you would honestly think they never take anything seriously; but in fact they do, and they take it very serious. Music and all of its aspects from writing to performing and everything in between is what these guys live for and what they know. The talent and musicianship that make up this band is endless and abundant. A regular rehearsal/practice schedule is maintained by each individual as well as the group, no matter if they are on the road or not. Making up the rhythm section is bassist Drew Harakal and drummer Brandon Rice, a.k.a Spud Crowley. Rice keeps time like a Swiss watch and Harakal anchors it down with his smooth driving groove. Rice also sings harmony vocals and co-writes with Robson. The duo penned a waltz together, "Lonesome Waiting at Home", that was written and recorded for the upcoming release of their new studio album "Can't Afford the Luck" (Red Star Records). Producer of "Can't Afford the Luck" and lead guitarist Robby Baxter hit the road as a full time musician at seventeen and never looked back. Baxter has worked in studios in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas recording and producing acts from all genres including Moby and Levon Helms. Steel guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Wynne has writing credits of his own. His song "Hank" has been recorded by Eleven Hundred Springs and Jason Boland and the Stragglers. In addition to touring with the MRB Wynne has toured with such acts as Eleven Hundred Springs, Maren Morris and Jarrod Birmingham. The passion for music is what drives this band. They take pride in their professionalism and they are second to none at what they do. Armed with a brand new studio album, "Can't Afford the Luck" and a fire like no other, the MRB remains on the endless journey of honky-tonking, driving the same roads their heroes have traveled and leaving their own mark on cities and towns scattered across the map.

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